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Qudos Club Sample Documents

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As a member of the Qudos Club, you have access to the Quality, Safety, Enviro - and now InfoSec - toolkits - and these are jam-packed with sample documents. This area provides something more - with documents aimed at various aspects of compliance management and business improvement.

eBook - 10 Essential tips for a great Quality Management System 
This 34-page PDF book offers a number of insights to get the most from your quality management system.

QMS eBook

Click to open - PDF file.

Gap analysis checklist for your integrated management system 
There is a growing trend towards implementing an IMS (integrated management system) that addresses Quality, OHS, Environmental management, and even some other compliance issues.

This checklist will help you identify gaps between your current arrangements and the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and the draft ISO 45001. 

Click to open - Requires MS Word or equivalent

Audit template - Fire Safety 
An audit templame for a basic check of fire safety appliances / signs in your building.

Click to open - Requires MS Word or equivalent

Business Continuity Plan template 
BCM (Business continuity management) is a discipline aimed at ensuring the continuation of business activities in the event of an incident that causes major disruption to normal operations. In recent years, there has been increasing recognition by governments and business alike of the inter-dependence in the supply chain, and the need to plan for continuity. ISO (the International Standards Organisation) has now released ISO 22301:2012 as a management systems standard for BCM. Organisations of all types and sizes may seek certification against this standard, or use it as a model to guide and measure themselves against recognised good practice.

This document provides Qudos Club members with a framework for a BCP (Business Continuity Plan). Organisations with existing management systems that address standards such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001 may find that they can use and adapt existing tools and processes already in place for those other compliance topics. A BCP may therefore become an integrated part of your organisation's compliance and risk management system.

Click to open - Requires MS Word or equivalent

Business Continuity

Web Strategy Planning Template - PDF document 

This template is provided by web strategy specialists Bluewire Media 

Click to open - Requires Adobe Acrobat reader or equivalent 

This template is best used in conjunction with the Web Strategy eBook - available in Qudos Club Articles.


Internal Audit Procedure - Word document 
This is a great example of a modern procedure. It uses a combination of flow chart, graphic illustrations, and a 'swim-lane' or 'deployment' layout to provide a very user-friendly description of the process. 

Click to open - Requires MS Word or equivalent 



Project Review - Powerpoint presentation 
A stylish way to present the outcomes of a project. 
Click to open - Zip file (contents require MS PowerPoint or equivalent)

Project Review presentation


Introduction to HACCP - Powerpoint presentation 
HACCP (pronounced Hassep) stands for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point. It is a technique - widely used in food safety - for analysing potential problems, and developing plans to ensure that products consistently meet requirements. This presentation is a brief introduction to the subject, and may be a useful training resource - particularly for those in the food industry. 
Click to open - Zip file (contents require MS PowerPoint or equivalent)

HACCP presentation

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