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Qudos Club Articles

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eBook - 10 Essential tips for a great Quality Management System 
This 34-page PDF book offers many valuable insights that will help you get the most from your quality management system.

QMS eBook

Click to open - PDF file.

It's time to transition your QMS (Quality Management System) to ISO 9001:2015 
This article gives you a heads-up on the headline changes for the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and what you need to do .
Download article. PDF Document

Clauses of the new ISO 14001:2015 
This article describes the clause structure of ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard, its relationship to the PDCA cycle, and a brief summary of the major changes of the clauses.
Download article. PDF Document

Is it time to dump your Quality Manual? 
In ISO 9001:2015, the requirement for a quality manual is notable by its absence. This is part of a genertal change of focus away from documentation and towards the management of work process and risk. This article discusses what you might do about it. consider next.
Download article. PDF Document

The new ISO 9001:2015 - How will it affect you? 
ISO has a project underway to update the popular ISO 9001 quality manmagement standard. The update includes some very significant changes to requirements, and will affect all organisations intending to maintain a certified QMS or IMS. At this stage, a draft has been published. This article describes the most significant changes, timeframes, transition arrangements, and steps that you might consider next.
Download article. PDF Document

How to extend your QMS into an IMS addressing ISO 14001
If you have a quality management system and are considering extending it to also address ISO 14001 Environmental requirements - this article offers useful tips and information.
Download article. PDF Document

Is there a hole in your internal quality audit programme? 
There is an increasingly important part of the 'real business' that is often overlooked when setting out an internal audit programme. That omission is the organisation's online presence. You may be tempted to ask: What has that all got to do with Quality and ISO 9001? Well, this article will provide the answers. 
Download article. PDF Document

Six Sigma and Lean - separating the myths from the realities 
This White Paper is courtesy of Gerard O'Hara of 451 Consulting. It discusses the concepts of Six Sigma and Lean, and lays to rest a number of myths. It also explores where and when those philosophies can and should be used, and conversely: where and when they should not. 
Download article. PDF Document

How to develop and maintain your Management System - faster, better, and smarter 
Developing your compliance management system can be quite a major project. Like any such project, it may at first appear to be daunting and too complex to get a firm grip on. However, it can be more easily managed by being taking the right approach and using Qudos 3 software. These articles describe how. 
Download article for ISO 9001 Quality. PDF Document 
Download article for ISO 14001 Environment. PDF Document 
Download article for AS/NZS 4801 Health and Safety. PDF Document 
Download article for OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety. PDF Document 

How long will it take to get triple certified? 
Government and corporate clients often require or prefer their suppliers to have certified management systems for Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), and Health & Safety (either OHSAS 18001 or a national standard such as AS/NZS 4801). Certification can provide a competitive edge that makes all the difference in the marketplace. We are often asked "How long will it take to get certified?" That is never an easy question to answer because it depends on a number of factors. Qudos client, Waterstop Solutions recently achieved triple certification in just a short space of time. 
Download article. PDF Document

FAQs - Learn about SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) 
In construction and some other industries, a SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) is a document used to help identify and then control health and safety hazards and risks. So, what must an SWMS include? What format should it be in? This article offers straightforward answers to some frequently asked questions. 
Download article. PDF Document

FAQs: What is a Quality Manual? 
A Quality Manual has been part of quality management systems for many years, during which time there have been considerable changes in both management practice, and the technology used to deliver documentation to the intended reader. Those that are about to establish a quality system for the first time or are looking to update an older system may wonder what does the current ISO 9001 expect in terms of a Quality Manual. What does the term actually mean? What must it contain? Is there a particular format it must be in? This article provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 
Download article. PDF Document

FAQs: Expanding a quality system into an integrated management system
There is an increasing trend for organisations with an existing quality management system to expand that into an integrated system - perhaps addressing quality, health & safety, and environmental requirements - although other compliance and risk management topics might also be included. There are several reasons for the trend, including response to recent legislative changes, and a growing tendency for some major customers to specify multiple certifications in tender invitations. This article provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
Download article. PDF Document

Better decision making: Part 1 
The way decisions are made, and then communicated and cascaded into the organisation, has a significant affect on culture. This White Paper courtesy of Gerard O'Hara of 451 Consulting discusses the process for individual and group decision making for a manager, providing several frameworks and tips to support effective management decision making.

Download article. PDF Document

What do the standards mean by Corrective and Preventive action? 
Virtually all the management system standards have clauses requiring organisations to determine and take both corrective and preventive actions. However, the meaning applied to those terms by the standards is perhaps a little different from what many of us would expect - and as a result they are widely misinterpreted.

To many of us, when a problem occurs, your management system should ensure that corrective action is taken to fix it, and then preventive action is taken to ensure that it doesn't happen again. While that sounds logical and would seem to make sense, it is not the full extent of the process required by standards such as ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. It is also not their interpretation of the terms. They expand the two-step process referred to above into three activities. Initially, a problem is fixed. Secondly, after investigation, corrective action is taken to eliminate the cause (or causes) of the problem - so that it doesn't happen again. Preventive action is a proactive step aimed at ensuring that a potential problem does not occur. Therefore, preventive action can incorporate a wide range of planning and precautionary measures. It may include emergency preparations and business continuity planning.

This article by Ben White of SciQual certification neatly explains the concepts. 
Download article. PDF Document

Note: The term preventive action is largely disappearing from the very latest ISO standards. The topic is addressed in requirements for risk management.

How to Inspire Employees, Investors and Customers -7 secrets of inspiring leaders 
Some people have an extraordinary ability to sell their vision, ideas and themselves. Here are 7 techniques from Trevor Ambrose of Changingtools.com that you can easily adopt in your own professional communication with your employees, clients and investors. 
Download article. PDF Document

eBook - Web strategy secrets 
This eBook from Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins of Bluewire media describes the easy way to save a fortune on marketing, attract genuine buyers and make the most of the web! If you are wondering "what does a web strategy have to do with our quality or compliance management system?" Well, consider how your organisation communicates (or would like to communicate) with its customers, and you might also check out our earlier article 'Use your web presence for a better ISO 9001 Quality System' below. 
Download eBook. PDF Document 

Tip: This eBook is best used in conjunction with the Web Strategy Planning Template - available in Qudos Club Documents.

Setting objectives and achieving them 
At the simplest level, an objective is a statement of a desired outcome. Most of us respond to a challenge, and perform better when we have a target to aim for. Without having objectives, an organisation - just like a person - may drift aimlessly without improving. Management system standards recognise this and require organisations to set themselves objectives. 
Download article. PDF Document

The pathway to harmonising workplace health and safety laws 
This presentation from Julia Collins of Safe Work Australia offers a concise overview of the new model OHS legislation, its key provisions, and timeframes. 
Download article. PDF Document

How to create a Desktop Shortcut to a Favourite Web Site 
We all have a few web sites that we visit regularly. Here's how to create an instant shortcut on your desktop. 
Download article. PDF Document

Use your web presence for a better ISO 9001 Quality System 
There are many ways in which your web site and other online activities can make your quality system more effective and efficient. This article describes some of them. 
Download article. PDF Document

The Audit Checklist: Hero or Villain? 
For internal audit purposes, management system standards do not insist on the use of checklists. However, their use is very widespread indeed. So much so that many mistakenly believe they are a mandatory requirement. Well that's not the case. However, checklists are a powerful tool for an auditor, but they are not the only tool available, and - like all tools - they can be misused. So is an audit checklist a hero or villain? This brief discussion paper looks at some of the evidence for and against: 
Download article. PDF Document

Applying the PDCA cycle 
The PDCA cycle is the key concept underpinning ISO 9001. The standard promotes a Process Approach to quality management, and the PDCA cycle can be applied to all processes. This article offers insight into how the PDCA may be applied to management systems 
Download article. PDF Document

Getting to the root of the problem 
A discussion on the business improvement technique of Root Cause Analysis - including the Cause and Effect diagram, CEDAC and other techniques 
Download article. PDF Document

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